Partnerships for Improved Student Learning

Using Appreciative Inquiry in Special Education

Partnerships for Improved Student Learning workshop is a series of three online modules and accompanying "homework" assignments, designed to help educators and parents learn specific communication concepts and skills that will enhance the positive relationships.

This workshop is organized in three modules, based on the content and activities of the full-day workshops that have been successfully delived to educators and parents from all across the state of Washington. 

It requires an equivalent amount of time as the face-to-face workshop (7 hours), but is spread over 2-4 weeks (at the learner's discretion).  The modules are structured as a series of readings and activities that provide background information and instructions designed to prepare for the "homework" assignments.  This enables a more personalized approach and facilitates a deeper level of learning due to the experience gained in one's own setting between the online sessions.

This workshop will be offered, free, to all educators and parents, beginning this fall (Sept 2010).  For information on how you can participate, please contact Janie Moxley at 1-800-622-3393 X-7074, or contact Pat Steinburg by email: